27 March 2015

22 March 2015

Selfpissing girls

Here is one rare and great video - selfpissing girls. :)

File format: .mp4
File name: Selfpissing girls
File size: 75.08 MB
Playtime duration: 00:13:57
Resolution: 544x408
Average FPS: 25.00





05 March 2015

Pissing girls

Ok, I am so happy and I will post new portion of pissing girls.
Here it is, love ya all!

hlqdgwydj4f2_t.jpg wbj2ety12ilh_t.jpg omvd61rmeixq_t.jpg be3bghaf4qaq_t.jpg 94sjp58a0ixj_t.jpg 127zxsa9i8ch_t.jpg lyk9uxmhg293_t.jpg x7la3a6cxu9i_t.jpg 7n9rdoxd10cq_t.jpg kkr0rlem2zu2_t.jpg

Good news - we are back!

So, after receiving a tons of negative feedback, Blogger wont ban porn after all.

I marked this blog as adult, so from now on you will see a warning message saying blah-blah!
Sorry about that, but I had no choice.

However, I am happy that this blog will continue to live.
Stay with me!

24 February 2015

Blog closing

Dear visitors,
We want to inform you, that due to upcomming changes of blogger policy concerning blogs with adult content, this blog will not be available after March 23, 2015.

First post here was made on Feb 15, 2007.
Thank you for staying with us during all these 8 great years.

Now its time to move forward! :)

Our new address is http://pissbitch.xxxbloggers.com

Please go there and update your bookmarks or press Ctrl+D to add it.
See you there.

08 February 2015

Girls peeing everywhere

Girls peeing everywhere

1j57nmjla7g7_t.jpg r4ml7o0wjulb_t.jpg vk4bczgsuh2z_t.jpg 832m1ghtch68_t.jpg opkokoiir2jh_t.jpg u6fxo1ntv69h_t.jpg 0w67ysbv80kr_t.jpg i2zy0sb0r11n_t.jpg 2i3u3mxsxz58_t.jpg

31 January 2015

Girls pissing in public

Girls pissing in public

26 January 2015

Pissing amateur girls

Pissing amateur girls